Laboratory roll mill Polymix 110L

The laboratory roll mill Polymix 110L with a roll diameter of 110 mm is the best solution for mixing all kinds of plastic materials:



Latest technical concepts for drives, gap adjustment and heating as well as an innovative safety system are combined with dimensions and elements proven for many years. 



Laboratory roll mill Polymix 110L



Basic layout

Drives, gap adjustment, lubrication system and the electrical enclosure are mounted in a frame and allow easy access for maintenance. Operating elements and controllers are located in a central panel besides the roll unit. Operation from both front and rear side is possible by turning the panel.  




The rolls are made of corrosion resistant chrome alloy steel with hardened and ground surfaces. A chrome plating can be delivered to meet high requirements to the surface quality.

Central oil lubrication-system together with high working temperature seal rings allows low maintenance requirements. The working area is determined on the front roll by polished material guides made of cast iron. For special applications the material guides can be made for front and rear roll separately with an overlapping in the working area. A hinged version allows easy cleaning.




The machine is equipped with two geared AC-motor drives which are located below the roll unit for compact design. Power transmission is done by roller chains. The basic machine comes with two fixed speeds and a constant friction. As an option the speed can be made adjustable. This allows adjustable speed between 5-35 rpm and setting of different friction values.



Gap adjustment

Gap adjustment is motor driven. A toggle-lever system leads to high forces within the working range (0,3 – 2,0 mm) as well as to a quick E-Stop opening. Gap width is shown on a digital display.



The safety layout has been developed together with German safety associations and meets the latest European safety norms. The safety concept includes mechanical brakes, a quick opening system, knee switches and two safety levers along the roll gap with improved and optimized position.

In case of danger the quick opening realize a fast opening to 50mm in less then 3 secs.



Heating of the rolls is provided electrically with long-life-cartridges. Temperature distribution is assured with copper insert which equalizes variances along the roll and short heating rate. A water cooling can be provided. Optionally we also offer external units for heating with oil or water.   



Combination of touch screen and PLC-control allows comfortable operation of the machine. The functions can be operated from different screens. An intensive use of graphic elements provides easy operation.

Polycontrol includes set point management, automatic gap width control, program management with time sequences in four steps and several helpful functions for the daily use in a laboratory. On request an interface to Microsoft Excel is available.



The basic machine can be modified with numbers of options to meet customer requirements.

Chrome plated rolls, hinged material guides, various drives, water cooling, an extended touch screen control Polycontrol, as well as other options.


Machines are delivered complete with all integrated controls.



Detailed views Polymix 110L 


Electrical parts are clearly installed. All components are produced by renound international manufacturers.   Polycontrol touch screen and PLC for comfortable operation of the machine.   Motorized gap adjustment with a quick opening system in emergency
Two geared AC-motor drives with mounted below the rolls. Power transmission by roller chains.   Optionally installed inverters allow adjustable speed and friction.   Safety levers along the roll gap with improved and optimized position allow safe working with all kinds of plastic material.
Optimized protection device with a slot for all kinds of rubber material.   Optimized protection device with a slot for all kinds of rubber material.   Electrial heating is separeted from the optional water cooling unit.
Optional water cooling is located on the drive side of the rolls. Controlled by two solenoid valves.   Polished material guides on the front roll determine the working area.   Hinged material guides are available for front and rear roll.
Oil lubrication system is clearly installed in the frame and allows easy access for maintenance.        


Technical Data Polymix 110 L

Polymix 110 L unit
Roll diameter
mm 110
Roll width
mm 350
Working width
mm 280
Roll speed constant
min-1 22 / 27
Roll speed adjustable  min-1 5 - 35
Drive power
kW 2 x 1,5
Drive Torque
Nm 500
Roll temperature
up to °C 220
Heating power per roll 
kW 3,0
Machine length
mm 1200
Machine depth  
mm 650
Machine height
mm 1250
Machine weight


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