After-Sale Service

We provide a competent after-sale-service. If you have any questions or problems with your machines please contact us. In case of a sudden breakdown we will help you immediately.


We deliver all genuine spare parts and wear parts for your own maintenance and repair.

Most spare parts are on stock or can be produced or procured on short notice.


Upon request our service technician comes to your place for necessary maintenance and repair.


Extensive repairs and complete overhauls will be carried out in our premise in Berlin. During this time rental-machines are available on demand.


Servitec exclusively offers the complete after-sale-service for all machines produced by former company Ruth Schwabenthan Maschinenfabrik Berlin and Schwabenthan MVG Munich. Almost all technical documents of the machines built during the years 1954 and 1995 are available.

Servitec Maschinenservice GmbH
Bremer Ring 7
D-14641 Wustermark

Phone: +49 33 234 - 86 010
FAX:      +49 33 234 - 86 011

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High-precision laboratory mills and laboratory presses - for plastic and rubber