The laboratory press Polystat 300 S

The laboratory press Polystat 300 S has platen sizes of 350 x 350 mm and a working area of 300 x 300 mm to produce a variety of flat samples and the use of moulds in the laboratory.




Labor-Tischpresse Polystat 300 S



The machine is laid out as a four-column-press with an integrated high pressure hydraulic system to allow high press forces with a double-side operation cylinder. The hydraulic system is running under oil and allows a press force of 450 kN (working pressure 500 N/cm²). The hydraulic pressure can be adjusted between 40 and 400 bars and reaches in combination with an electronic pressure control unit an accuracy of +/- 5%. Leakages are compensated automatically.


A continuous closed loop control for pressure accuracy of 1%, higher press forces, additional hand pump and other hydraulic modifications can be done according customer requirements.


Press plates

Press plates consist of several layers. The working area consists of a flat ground steel plate; press plate can be also delivered in a hardened version. On request the basic daylight opening of 195 mm can be increased up to 300mm for the use of larger moulds.



A combined heating-cooling-plate with a integrated cooling bore system and long-life heating cartridges made of aluminium provides an equal heating distribution and a quick cooling under pressure. Electrical power of 8 kW in each plate insures a temperature gradient of 10°/min and a maximum temperature of 300°C. Heating is controlled by µp-controller and solid-state-relays for a precise temperature distribution of +/- 4°C (optionally +/- 2°) on the working area.

For cooling under pressure water is flowing thru a counter current bore system. Depending on temperature range gradients between 10°C/min und 20°C/min can be achieved.



The optional Polycontrol is a combination of touch screen and PLC-control for comfortable operation of the machine. The functions can be operated from different screens. An intensive use of graphic elements provides easy operation. Polycontrol includes set point management, program management with time sequences in four steps and several helpful functions for the daily use in a laboratory. On request an interface to Microsoft Excel is available



The control panel is mounted directly to the press unit. All electrical parts and hydraulic units are mounted in the frame of the machine and allow easy access for maintenance purpose.



For the safety of the operator closing of the press is done with a two hand operation. If necessary the machine can be delivered with a safety cage and a light beam.


two-stage version

The machines can also be delivered in a two stage version with a second stage (lower stage for water cooling only). Optionally the lower stage can be equipped with heating plates.


Machines are delivered complete with all integrated controls and hydraulic.


Other modifications can be done according customer requirements.



Detailed views of presses


Electrical parts are clearly installed.   Hydraulic units   P200T Pressmask
two-stage press   Polycontrol touch screen   safety light curtain

Technical Data Polystat 300S 

Polystat 300S unit value
Working area
mm x mm
Plate dimension 
mm x mm
Daylight opening 
mm 195
Press force
up to kN 450
Hydraulic pressure
up to bar 400
Hydraulic power
kW 1,5
Working temperature
up to °C
Heating power per plate
kW 8,0
Machine length
mm 1200
Machine depth
mm 650
Machine height
mm 1550
Machine weight
kg 800

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